The 11th International Conference on
Poznan, 9-13 August 2003

Random Run is a run for a random distance, which is a sum of the outcomes of two dice being tossed.

Random experiment: independent sequential tossing of two dice.


There are two dice. Before the start one die is tossed and the runners run around the Rosegarden for a number of laps indicated. Meanwhile the second die is tossed and all runners continue to run an additional number of laps being announced. The number of laps in the second round is shown when the leading runners are finishing their last lap of the first round.

To avoid any confusion, each runner will be assigned a starting number and a coach. Your coach will make sure that you have ran the appropriate number of laps by telling you the number of laps to go every time you pass him. You will get to know your coach before the run.

History of the Random Run

Conference YearWinning tripleDistance in lapsRemarks
1983 1. Geoff Grimmett
2. Karl Weber
3. Zbigniew Lonc
4. Andrzej Ruciński(AR)
1985 1. Geoff Grimmett
2. Krzysztof Nowicki
3. Svante Janson
?+? AR absent
1987 1. AR
2. Bernd Voigt
3. Karl Weber
1989 1. Geoff Grimmett (GG)
2. AR
3. Luc Devroye
?+? 1+6 Shown in the movie "N is a number "
1991 1. Ronald Meester
2. AR
3. ……………….
?+? GG absent ever since
1993 1. AR
2. Hal Kierstead
3. Glen Hulbert
1995 1. Tom Fowler
2. AR
3. Ehud Friedgut
3+3 (Atlanta: First time women admitted.)
1. Edyta Szymańska(ESz)
2. Karen Singer
1997 1. AR
2. Mark Kayle
3. Mike Steel
3+6 1. ESz
2. Joanna Polcyn
3. Magdalena Szymkowiak
1999 1. Johan Jonasson
2. AR
3. Pontus Andersson
6+3 1. ESz
2. Catherine Greenhill
2001 1. Pontus Andersson
2. AR
3. Benjamin Doerr
1+3 1. ESz
2. Ola Jaworska
3. Marysia Jaworska
20031. Nils Hebbinghaus
2. AR
3. Oleg Pikhurko
1+31. Claudia Rieck
2. Edyta Szymańska
3. Angelika Steger

Please, help us to reconstruct the history !

Random Run, Poznań, August 10, 2003

Number of laps - 1st round: 1
Number of laps - 2nd round: 3

Final classification:

1(1)Nils HebbinghausM
2(2)Andrzej RucińskiM
3(3)Oleg PikhurkoM
4(4)Benjamin DoerrM
5(5)Milos StojakovicM
6(6)Gerold JägerM
7(7)Paweł MisiorekM
8(8)Florian PfenderM
9(9)Deryk OsthusM
10(10)Tibor SzabóM
11(11)Benjamin SudakovM
12(1)Claudia RieckF
13(12)Dirk SchlatterM
14(13)Rene HakenjosM
15(14)Jerzy JaworskiM
16(1)Piotr JaworskiJ
17(2)Edyta SzymańskaF
18(15)Johan WästlundM
19(16)Svante JansonM
20(17)Nick WormaldM
21(18)Michael GnewuchM
22(19)Paweł PrałatM
23(20)David GalvinM
24(21)Ravi MontenegroM
25(22)Rene SchottM
26(2)Aleksandra JaworskaJ
26(2)Maria JaworskaJ
28(23)John WiermanM
29(3)Angelika StegerF
30(24)Alan FriezeM
31(4)Nadine Guillotin-PlantardF
32(5)Marlena NowaczykF
33(25)Avi WigdersonM
34(6)Mihyun KangF
There where three classes: (M)ale, (F)emale and (J)unior. First number is a place in general classification, the number in brackets - place in special class.
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